Interior design project titled Shoji that I designed and had the base built for an office spaceThe concept integrated traditional Japanese design philosophy into an urban downtown Los Angeles live-in work space.

The central idea of the design was to provide a feeling of flow, so that the space had a feeling of openness and cohesion. The first step was building a room that didn't feel closed in. We built one white wall opposite to an already existing wall. To connect these two walls, I designed a beam at the top with open windows. The windows represented flow because it never allowed the mind to feel enclosed. It reminded the individual that outside these windows there is still life happening. The center piece of the design were the Shoji doors built with a traditional Japanese tracking system. The Shoji doors served as the epitome of the theme due to how they would slide harmoniously between each other creating flow in its most simplistic form. 

The materials used were wood, glass, paper, and plants.